LaChute Road Runners Meeting Wed., Jun 8, 2016 - 7:00 

Members present:  Tim Malaney, Brian Kiely, Tracy Smith, Jim and Linda Cunningham, Dave Rutkowski, Matt Karkoski, Nancy Ockrin


 Matt reported that no High School students had applied.  There is a problem getting information to the students.  He did get three applications from College Students: Lilith Ida, Jay Hebert, and Kody Parott.  After discussion, it was decided to give all three $1000, pending receipt of the first semester grades.  The application form needs to be proof-read for errors, and also to make it clear that the application and essay must be done each year.  It was decided to make the application deadline April 1st. so that information can get to the printers for the graduation program.  Brian said if he gets information, he will take it to the Guidance Office in Feb.- March to encourage participation. Social media will also be used to inform prospective participants.

Montcalm Mile: 

Tracy reported that he is still getting donations.  The bibs are all set, and RaceWire will bring them to the race.  Mark Johns has been contacted about traffic control.  The Forth of July Committee has arranged for one Port-a-Potty at the start, but the club feels there should be two, so Tracy will talk to the Committee, and if necessary, we can pay for the 2nd. ourselves.  Tracy will check into the availability of power from the poles at the start and finish.  Brian has a water jug that he will bring to the start,  Matt has one for the finish.  Tracy will check with RaceWire to see what there needs are for the start regarding an indoor facility.  The bibs of the Elite runners will be marked with a large bright slash to distinguish them so they can be started first.  Every finisher gets a medal (Fred may have enough from last year) the Elite runners will get their checks shortly after the finish.  The Registration will be set up by 11:30 to get organized and catch early arrivals.  Tracy will oversee the whole race and will designate people in charge of various areas.  Jim Cunningham will be in charge of the Start/ Registration area; Dave Rutkowski will be in charge of the Finish area; Matt Karkoski will do Set-up; and everyone will pitch in for clean up.  There needs to be someone in charge of the Food Table - everyone will be encouraged to bring food.  There have not been too many pre-registered on Race Wire as of yet - Jim will put our reminders on Facebook and post to the Adirondack Runners, etc.

Bridge Run: 

Nancy reported that the run took in $1045, and expenses were $583 so the run netted about $462.  The club voted to give $400 to the Crown Point Backpack Program.  Nancy will get a picture to Fred so a write-up can go in the paper. There was discussion about changing the course for next year - possibly starting on the Bridge and doing all the run within the grounds of Ft. St. Fredrick  Tim will send out some feelers to the Vt. police and NY sheriffs dept. to see about the feasibility of doing this.  It would only require shutting down the lanes for about 5-10 minutes In early fall, we will have a club meeting to discuss a fee schedule for next year’s races, and to iron-out details so the races can be posted on RaceWire by the beginning of Jan. The next meeting will be Wed., June 29th - at the Library at 7:00 to finalize plans for the Montcalm Mile.