LaChute Road Runners Meeting

Wed. June 29, 2016


Members present:  Tracy Smith, Fred Herbst, Matt Karkoski, Brian Kiely, Dave Rutkowski, Mike Quinn, Jim and Linda Cunningham

Ragnar has asked if we would like to do two stations.  It was decided that we do not have enough workers to staff the two spots, and it was thought that Bruce Tubbs already had a group to do the Crown Point spot.  Fred will tell Ragnar that we cannot do it and they should check with Bruce.

Tracy reported that we have 84 preregistered, and another handful of mail-in forms.  

The Timers from RaceWire are the same people who came last year.  They will come early on Monday morning to set up.

The Fourth of July committee will have two port-a-potties set up.

People will be directed to park at the back or sides of the Start area so as to not block the store.  Overflow can park at Lowes.

Matt Drowne will bring shoes for a raffle at the finish.


Tracy:   Check with Shelly about watching food table and t-shirts

Get cones for the finish chute and start area

Have RaceWire bring pins

Bring extension cord

Matt: Bring tables - a large and small to the finish, and the 10x10 tent for food

Bring a large table and chairs to the start.

Check pins and bring what we have

bring clipboards, pens and pencils; and sharpies

Get paper to Maria to print registration forms

Bring water jug to finish

Bring rope to start to separate Elite from Rec. 

Stanchions from Jay??

Jim:   Post on our site for people to bring food at noon

Get  cash for start ( $300 in 1’s,  $200 in 5’s) and for t-shirts ($100 in 10’s);  bring cash box

get large, bright markers

Get trash bags

Bring extension cord

Bring card tables to start, chairs and money box

banner to the finish

Dave:   Pick up food from anyone at the start at noon

Set up finish chute

Mark course


Brian: Bring flags to the finish for the chute; and to the start

Bring water jug to the start

Fred: Bring cups

Bring extension cord?

Set up committee:  10:30 at Matt’s house:  Matt, Jim, Tracy

Start workers:  Heidi, Linda, Matt, Brian, Jim, Pam, Steve, Nancy, Tim, Chuck, Bob, Tracy

Finish:  Dave, Tom, Brian, Shelly, Stan, Cam, Mike  Runners as they finish:  Tracy, Jim, Matt, etc.