Montcalm Mile Review 2019


Pluses, Minuses and Interesting points


Here are mine from the advantage of being at the start. The Garrison Gym was very supportive! They even got someone to arrive in costume, with musket to start the race, and the start went off very smoothly. Also, there was a police car leading the way, which definitely cleared out the course. This year, half of the people that ran,  registered online, which is a record. The RaceWire staff easily handled the race day sign-ups. Interestingly, this year, they emailed the completed file to the finish, and, therefore did not have to rush the clean-up. The club drove them down to the start, just in time for the awards. The prize money was in that car; fortunately, there was no delay with awards. Possibly, next year, the magnets should go down in that car as well. Some years there is a big “crush” as last minute people come to register. One big group came from a camp, but they had preregistered. Activity did pick up, they were processed smoothly. Two however did arrive too late to  register.  Oh, can anyone think of a place to store race stuff besides Matt and Heidi’s garage? Interesting point: with half the races registering online, the RW crew was able to accurately fill-in day-of registrants very accurately; so, we now have email addresses for next  year.



Need megaphone at finish...

Will coordinate that.

Magnets need to be bigger 3 x 4. 

New shirts for volunteers.. 

T shirts for volunteers. Others can wear the polos..



At the finish, police car was not a problem. Seemed pretty smooth from my perspective. 



There was one Port-A-John at the start.  My understanding is that we didn't arrange for that --- that is, it was there for some other purpose besides the race.  However, it seemed to accommodate the needs of the race participants.  I don't know if there was a Port-A-John at the finish.  I also don't know what it costs to rent them.  However, perhaps we should rent at least one Port-A-John in future years and place it at the start of the race.