LaChute Road Runners Meeting


Members present:  Tim Malaney, David and Susan Hayes, David Rutkowski, Brian Kiely, Matt Karkoski,  Nancy Rich, Jim and Linda Cunningham

The LaChute Club renewal with Road Runners has been submitted.  We still need to submit the club roster and schedule of races to complete the application.  There will be an opportunity to renew membership at the Blizzard Run. The date of the run Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run is Jan. 11th.

NCCC has rescheduled a 5K for May 2nd.  They will have a new course, indoor registration, and maybe a "Couch to 5K" program to prepare new runners for the race.  They want to borrow the club's clock and also have help with timing.  There is plan to get more young runners involved to create life-long runners. The official name of the race is:  NCCC Healthy High 5K. Hopefully local runners will turn out.

The Scholarship website has been updated.  The deadline for submitting applications will be changed to May 15th:

There are several students who have expressed interest this year.

One of the Seniors - Madison Flora - is doing her senior project on running a half marathon.  She may need support from the runners.

Last year's scholarship winners usually receive their money at the Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run.  Sierra West will not be able to attend;   Matt will see that Zach LaBounty gets the info. Congratulations to those scholarship winners!

The Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run is the next event - Jan. 11th.  - At the Rutkowski's on Chilson. - Time 9:30 -    Runners can choose their distance. There is a pot luck brunch afterwards.

Nancy reported that there will be four home meets during track season this spring and she will appreciate all the help she can get. It would be good to have some track events for kids this summer - maybe on Wed. evenings with club members assisting and parent involvement. Brooks Shoes has been very helpful in supplying kids with shoes and uniforms; Nancy Rich has written a grant to that effect.

Tim is working on a Trifecta Trail Run series - with special awards for runners who participate in all three of our races:  the Bridge Run, the 5 Nations 5K and the Rogers Rangers Ramble Run.