LaChute Road Runners Meeting

May 28th,   7:00; Library

Members present:  Tim Malaney, Tracy Smith, David and Susan Hayes, Nancy Ockrin, Brian Kiely, David Rutkowski, Jim and Linda Cunningham



-There needs to be an announcement for the runners so they know there will be awards and when. Awards will be given out at 11:00; but may be picked up before that if runners need to leave. 
Results will be posted as  they are done.

-Top three walkers get prizes, no age groups. (new class)


-Have the walkers and strollers  turn at the water table. - course will be about 2.5 miles or 4K

- The course for next year will be the original course, with this year’s course as back up if conditions are wet.

-Non runners  turn early, and start behind the runners

-Timing stops after 60 minutes.


-download the RaceWire spreadsheet the evening before,

-metal stakes for signs

-A day before, Jim will send out an email with pre-race instructions (location of registration, parking, start, finish), and procedures

-We will have more signage showing Registration, Start, and Finish

-We will give the backpack program $400.  Tim has contacted the art teacher at Crown Point to make a large check for a photo shoot.  Nancy will stop by school to present check.

- Nancy will set up a Facebook Events page


Tracy has letters going out to the sponsors

-He will see Ian Tierney about using the Gym for registration - outside probably but inside if rain

-Police will be contacted about the race.  Police car may run siren on the way down.  Car needs to leave before start.  RaceWire will do start.

-May need to order more medals

-Shirts will be ordered

-Magnets will be given to the top 3 finishers in each age group.  Nancy will check into a local supplier and design, but if not - they can be ordered on line.- maybe order enough for two years.

-There will be no elite class this year.  Monetary prizes to top 5 male and female, and top 2 Masters male and female.

(-Prizes - $225, $125, $75, $50, $25,   Masters $100, $50 MF


There have been no applicants yet.  The deadline will be moved to June 15th.  Jim will put info on Facebook site for the students, and notify Walt, Nancy, and Jay

We need to encourage younger runners attending running camp.

Update: guidance has been notified about the scholarship, information has been placed on the ‘Net.