LaChute Road Runners Meeting
June 25, 2019
Library - 7:00

Members present:  Tim Malaney, Tracy Smith, Brian Kiely, Matt Karkoski, Fred Herbst, David and Susan Hayes, Dave Rutkowski, Nancy Ockrin, Nancy Rich, Linda and Jim Cunningham

Tim and Nancy have delivered the check for the Backpack Program to the Crown Point School.  They will put a news release in the paper.  (Money is from the Bridge Run)

Nancy Rich brought a request as a coach for the cross-country team and the track team.  They are building up the team and have a large number of young runners.  Many of the families are low income and the kids do not have proper running shoes or gear.  They need uniforms, sweats and shoes.  The LaChute Club will look into helping with funds as one of our goals is to encourage young runners.   Matt and Tim will look into what funds can be used.
There will be a summer running program starting in August at the track twice a week - once in the evening, once in the morning.  Information will be coming and members of the LaChute will try to attend.
We will also sponsor the “5 Nations 5 K” run on August 9th at 6:00 for the club and cross-country team.  There will be a barbecue after the run.

Scholarship:  There were two applications for the scholarship this year.  The motions were made and all were in favor of  awarding Sierra West with the Duane Crammond Scholarship in the amount of $1250; and to award Zachary LaBounty a Grant Recognizing Effort in the amount of $750.

Montcalm Mile:
-Tracy reported all medals are in - enough for two years.  
We will not do t-shirts this year - will just sell what we have left over from last year.  Nancy Rich and Susan Hayes will help with t-shirts. Maybe get there about 12:45 or 1:00
- Nancy Ockrin will pick up the magnets for awards
-Tracy has talked to the police about starting the race.  There is some concern that they cannot get back to start the parade, but it has worked in the past.  Tracy will see them again.  No one except police will be in the car and it will go down before the race actually starts 
- Walmart has donated a gift card - Tracy will use it to buy cookies for the finish line.
-Racewire will have the same timers as last year.  They worked out well.  They will actually start the race when they are set up.  Garrison Gym is trying to get a musket shooter to start the race
-Someone (Tim?) will give instructions before race - using the megaphone.  
-Carriages, flag wavers, etc. will be at the back; 
-runners must cross the mat;
- faster runners only in the front;, 
-if a runner needs to slow up or stop, they should move to the side;
- don’t cross the finish line twice 
The finish will be set up the morning of the race.   tent, tables, chairs, big jug of water, cups, garbage bags
Tracy will get the barrels for the finish line
Matt will have copies made of the race entry forms - maybe 400.
Wed. night, Tracy, Jim and Linda will do bibs for pre-registered runners
Jim -  send pdf to Matt for entry form,  
-send request to Tim for water;
- e-mail last year’s runners to sign up on Racewire.
- E-mail to club members to sign up as volunteers for race;
-Contact Ellie so she knows she cannot ride in the police car; 
 -extension cord,
- $ for prizes (1300) and change for t-shirts (10’s) and registration ( 5’s and 10’s)

Next meeting July 23rd. -  7:00 - Library