Bridge Run Suggestions 2019

-Must be done in a more timely manner.  
-There needs to be an announcement for the runners so they know there will be awards.
 -Maybe the first half can be done and awards given out, then the rest of the awards done when the race is finished.
-Or as is done at some races, the results can be posted as they are finished, and the runners can go to a table and collect their award.
-start awards when ppl are generally finished, those that come in later and place can then get the award
-Top three walkers prizes, no age groups.

-Have the walkers and strollers start earlier
-Have the walkers and strollers start at the same time but turn at the far water table.
-Keep the course we ran today as the permanent course.
-as a trial, run the alternate course (rain course) next year
-Both course available.
-Non runners  turn early, yes.
-Course closes after 60 minutes.

-download the RaceWire spreadsheet the evening before, fill tags at that time (a group can do that)
-metal stakes for signs
-the strength of the race is the appeal to young ppl; that group should be the target when making tweaks
A day before, send out an email with pre-race instructions (location of registration, parking, start, finish), and procedures
-based on pre reg data: 6 from VT, no one from the Glens Falls area (Kerry Blue Hustle, Lake George Run), 9 from Ti, 9 from North Country area
-last year we reviewed the race and planned on adding another class for kids, which worked out well this year
-We can decide at the meeting next week how much to give to the backpack program. We could buy a plaque and list all winners since inception. Another thought is to set aside some money for better signs next year.

Comments from non-club related Participants:
 do have a few thoughts you can ponder.
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- Regarding walkers starting early I would worry about tripping over them as the runners caught up.
 -I had 3 incidents where I was tripped by a younger runner. Once very early in the race, very cute little girl all over the place and again during the race. The little guy in front of me didn’t want me to pass him so he stepped in  front of me, almost causing both of us to get injured.  I think this type of thing would happen more often with walkers in front of the runners.
- I enjoyed the course, but I have nothing to compare it to as it was my first Champlain bridge run. I think it would be cool to run over the bridge though.
- chipped timing is great and allows for a fair start/finish, but I believe it is expensive. Without the chip, one must start at the front, otherwise they are already at a disadvantage.
- have the food and drinks/awards at the finish line. Keep age group awards. It gives us hope to still place as we get old.
- Better marking along the course and clearing debris
-Having said all this, I would also be happy with no changes. Small grassroots runs are also fun and with that, one expects some issues.

My suggestions would be more signage; as a first time participant or was difficult to tell where registration/start/finish were. Also we had no clue about the awards until way later in the day, so maybe be a little clearer about that before the race starts?
Digital timers would be a great addition & then if you did decide to start walkers/runners at different times it would be easier to keep track.

Thanks for a fun race! This was my sons first & I think it was a great experience for us both!

Thanks for reaching out. I really enjoyed the race. It’s the most beautiful I’ve run! I didn’t realize there were awards. We hung out for quite a while after finishing but didn’t see anything that indicated awards and saw people leaving. I placed first in my age group with my sister in law, would we have received something? Other than the awards being done earlier I would recommend more water available at the finish but that’s it. I really enjoyed the course!

Thank you so much for hosting the event. We really enjoy this family fun event. Its nice that people bring food items to share during the awards it’s a nice way to get to know others in the running community. Keep up the great job.