La Chute Road Runners Meeting

Tues., April 24th. 7:00


Members present: Tim Maloney, Brian Kiely, Matt Karkoski, Tracy Smith, Dave Rutkowski, Nancy Ockrin, Jim and Linda Cunningham

Nancy reported on the Bridge Run: It is well publicized, many flyers are up. It needs to be in the papers - Tim will contact Fred about putting it in the papers. Jim and Matt will set up the course. Nancy feels more volunteers will be needed - everyone push for workers. Food will be needed - it would be good if all LaChute runners could bring something. If Brian cannot attend, a timer will be needed. Jim will bring result sheets. Nancy will contact the new guy in charge of the Fort. Jim will send out an email asking for volunteers for the race.

Dave brought up issue of trash along the roads. It was decided the La Chute Runners will clean up the Ferry Landing to the Train station. This will happen on May 8th. (Tues.) at 4:30 - meet at the Lake Champlain boat launch. Jim will bring trash bags. Be prepared for wet ground, Wear tick spray and gloves and a stick with a nail in it to pick up litter would be handy.

Tracy updated on the Montcalm mile. He needs to update the PDF. The pricing will be: $5 on-line for everyone, $15 for elite. Race day registration will be $5 for kids, $12 for adults, $20 for elite. Cut off for on-line registration will be midnight July 3rd. Tracy will get the RaceWire site up and running so registration can begin. Jim will e-mail participants from last year. There is a possibility Wicker Ford may be sold so we will be prepared for other sites.

The deadline for Scholarships will be May 13th. Jim will put out notifications on facebook.

We will again encourage attendance at running camps and provide support.

Next meeting will be May 29th - Tues. at 7:00 at the Library