LaChute Road Runners Meeting

Sept. 11, 2018 7:00.

Library Members present: Tim Malaney, Tracy Smith, Brian Kiely, Dave Rutkowski, Dave and Susan Hayes, Jim and Linda Cunningham


Tracy opened with a recap of the Montcalm Mile:

- 280 runners crossed the finish line, 16 Elite. 155 had preregistered, 107 registered race day.

- One Problem - 133 registered before Race Wire closed the site, 22 registered afterwards because the site was still open. Next year we will allow registration right up till race and give Race Wire a thumb drive with data.

- 2018 - the account with Race Wire is all settled.

- 2017 Race Wire changed billing companies and the company for 2017 has sent an invoice for $3775.80. Tim and Tracy will check records to see if we had a bill or wrote a check for this amount.

- There was a problem with the police car - next year they will drive down several minutes early to clear the road.

- The Elite awards were discussed and it was decided that this year we will not give cash prizes

- No elite class. Prizes (hats?) will be given to top three places in each age group. Age groups will be decided later but we will emphasize the kid's divisions.


Tim gave a recap of the 5K at the 5 Nations golf course - on Aug. 9th. There were 20 runners with a good turn out of cross-country kids. After everyone had Gatorade and watermelon. There was no fee for the race.


Jim will research a timing clock and present 2 or 3 choices at the next meeting so we have a clock by the Rogers Rangers Ramble Run


Rogers Rangers Ramble Run is set for Nov. 24th at the Park. After there will be a club luncheon - possibly at the Hot Biscuit. Jim will set up the race with RRCA and have a 3rd party proof of insurance sent to the town of Ti.


The Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run will be Jan. 5th at 9:30 at Rut’s Hut - followed by a pot luck brunch.


The Resolution Run - Jan 1st. -needs a director


The Bridge Run will be May 18th.


Ragnar Relay will be Friday Sept. 21th. Tracy will supply a light. Matt will bring a tent. We need to have music. There was a problem at the Vineyard road last year with runners taking the wrong turn- Ragnar may need to mark this better. Ragnar also may need to get with the police for coverage of the intersection 9N and 74 Workers are needed for both early and late shifts.


Next meeting Tues Oct. 16th. - 7:00, Library