La Chute Road Runners Meeting

May 29, 2018 7:00

Members present:  Tim Malaney ,Tracy Smith, Fred Herbst, Matt Karkoski, Brian Kiely, Dave Rutkowski, Jim and Linda Cunningham

Matt reported on the Scholarship applications and they were reviewed and discussed.  It was decided to award Sierra Stacy the scholarship for this year, and to present Caleb Pike with a Grant recognizing his efforts.

Bridge Run Recap:

The race went well and Nancy puts a lot of effort into organizing and overseeing the race.  Nancy would like to keep the race the same weekend. The suggestion was made to add a new age group for the kids - perhaps 0-10, and 11-14.

Another suggestion was to start the walkers and strollers early to have them do a shortened course - with perhaps one or two place awards for this group.  Some thought it might increase participation if the run was over the Bridge. - Perhaps starting at Chimney Point so the runners would be strung out by the time they hit the bridge and run across the sidewalk, then off to the South, and under the bridge to the Fort side.  

-Another consideration might be to do a Friday evening race - say at 7:00.  This might attract a number of runners who like evening runs and free up the weekend.

Montcalm Mile:

The website is up and running - 6 registered so far for the race.  

Tracy and Fred will work on an ad to run in The Sun to encourage pre-race signup - possibly also an insert to run the week before the race.  

-The PDF will be reworked to include a place for e-mail.  

-Bibs have been ordered.  

-The suggestion was made to notify some of the local children’s camps to encourage participation— Camp Dudley, Camp Adirondack (?) in Glenburnie, and the camp at Paradox. -Tracy has been in contact with the new owners of Wicker Ford so hopefully we will still be able to use the area.

-We will all try to Facebook messenger those we know who do the race to encourage pre-race registration.  

-Tracy will check with The Chamber and 4th of July Committee to see about the Port-a-Johns. Next meeting - June 19, 7:00 at the Library