Bridge Run Review, 2018

-On the run, competitors smiled and greeted others approaching.

-Good participation by young runners and the geriatric.

-Races on that day, 4: Kerry Blue Hustle 5K  Glens Falls (83 runners):

-New York Vermont Champlain Bridge 5K; Randy's Run and Murphy's Mile Lake George (132 runners)

-Ryan's Run 5K Sponsored by Saratoga Teachers Association   Saratoga Spa State Park (149 runners)

-posted in, Adirondack Runners, RRCA, RaceWire, and more; info accessible even by the Mars colony

-The next weekend still 2 close races: Crown Point Memorial Day 10k/5k/1m, and Tyner Trail Run    Cole's Woods,

-2 close races the weekend before -Runners in limited supply.



-Always fun! Maybe the walkers/strollers could start out first, a little early say 9:45, so finish is more consolidated. Give them a walker category. They would have more company along the race and more cheers at the end.

-Love the cross country feel.



-I just really want to see more folks come out. So maybe a larger local press blitz in March and April. I am submitting an article with pics for this week’s paper as a follow-up.

-Also, my daughter suggested consider accommodating the children more by breaking up their age groups further to reflect more fairness in competition. So something like 10 and under, 11-14, 15-19.  Fun time!



-I was thinking about the kids also.  In hind sight - I wish we had given all the kids an award - there were plenty of awards as many of the age groups were not filled.  So instead just giving the top three kids, we could have given them all awards.  That might be easier than creating a new age group?  

-Anyhow - GREAT race!!!!  There is a finite number of runners in the area, and with races in the surrounding towns, runners will of course go to their local race.  That is the problem and not publicity.  We just have too small of a pool of runners in the north country.