Montcalm Mile Race Review Sorted 2018


-133 preregistered, 10 were elite
-Registration did not close on Monday (filed pulled to apply numbers); reg closed Tuesday; data not available.
-$2 charge by RW; Online, kids paid $2 more, and rec paid $3 less
-15 that pre registered were no-shows
-I thought it went really well, except for that glitch with those that registered late and racewire and us having no record of it? Wonder how we can make sure that doesn’t happen again?
-since many registered after the file was downloaded, we still can add those the morning of the race and therefore keep reg open until the night before (ppl wait until the last minute)
-we can give thumb drives to RW morning of race
-Check online registration the morning of race so we can assign bibs.  I think if we can keep the registration open until July 3rd at midnight (which obviously we can) it -133 pre-reg+ 22 reg when “closed”= 155 pre-registered; 280 crossed the finish line, so 107 registered race-daywould be to our advantage.  22 people registered July 3rd.




-rope off parking lot; need signs showing parking lot entrance, and race registration area
-people were driving by and didn’t know where reg. was, now that it was indoors
-only 2 were doing race day registration, huge line with 40 min to go (need to have clean-up time when reg. ends, that place is becoming a weight room-training area.
-hot day but race day registration was big
- when we return to the start next year; they will have a fitness center up and running. We need to work around parking-etc. They said that they can fit us in
-Set up semi-circle by the door, and head them right out. Large poster board signs (at head height) so they can see where the need to go. Table with reg. forms and clipboards right outside of the door.
-need crowd management plan
-2 starts lines worked out; rec. stayed 20 feet back and sensed an advantage with a running start to the pad
-ppl appreciated the drop in price
-Need signs indicating the entrance to the registration parking area. 



-store-bought cookies turned out fine
-It was great that the plastic was removed this year from the medals before the race. 
-The medals made it time. 
-Any crafty wood workers to make a tree like stand that medals could be placed on to either grab from and put on arms easily.  May not be necessary. I heard Shelly say peg board and attach the Long holders to put medals on. 
-Shirts with ladies cut this year. Great!!!
-I do appreciate all everybody does for this race. Kudos!!!!!!
-I loved selling the tees!  Heidi had done an amazing job presorting and folding them.  She had provided us with very clear sizing info and cards. 
The tent and set up was great. (Fred maybe  did that?). Kathy Rutkowski and Heidi helped sell too. Fun for all!  Thank you for allowing me to participate

-Better coordination with Police as to when the road is closed needed.

-The only thing I observed was that the lead police car stopped in the course and kept its doors open. The lead runners had to maneuver around the passenger side door near the finish

-police input: plan is to drive to finish from start 2 minutes before start of race.


Elegibility and Awards

-kids and elite status and prize money: Here is a link: Research this topic so we can make a plan. “( Exception for Prize Money for Student-Athletes Outside the Playing Season During the Summer Vacation Period. In individual sports, a student-athlete may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an open athletics event (an event that is not invitation only), provided the competition occurs outside the institution’s declared playing and practice season during the institution’s summer vacation period. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the open event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the student-athlete (e.g., coach’s fees or expenses, parent’s expenses). (Adopted: 4/30/09)”
“I am a D1 runner and I know several prominent D1 runners who compete in road races over the summer in order to win the prize money. The NCAA rules are that you cannot win money from an NCAA sport, and the NCAA does not sponsor road races, so you can win as much money as you want from a road race. It's kinda a loophole, but its technically totally fine according to the NCAA. If the money comes from a race on the track, it is a different story.”
-Also need to put something on the application about eligibility requirements.
-I think we should award the top 5 M/F finishers only.  It would be interesting to see where this years winner would fall. 


NCAA Webpage
-Can a student-athlete accept prize money?
-“In all sports except tennis, a student-athlete or prospective student-athlete may accept prize money as long as the amount of the prize is less than or equal to his or her expenses for participating in the competition, such as meals or lodging. The prize money may not pay for expenses of parents or coaches.”
-“In tennis, a prospective student-athlete may accept up to $10,000 per year in prize money. Once he or she has accepted $10,000 in prize money in a particular year, he or she may accept additional prize money on a per-event basis as long as the amount of the prize does not exceed his or her expenses. A current tennis student-athlete may accept prize money as long as the amount of the prize is less than or equal to his or her expenses for participating in the competition.”
-NCAA Site: “The following activities may impact your amateur status: • Signing a contract with a professional team. • Playing with professionals. • Participating in tryouts or practices with a professional team. • Accepting payments or preferential benefits for playing sports. • Accepting prize money above your expenses. • Accepting benefits from an agent or prospective agent. • Agreeing to be represented by an agent. • Delaying your full-time college enrollment to play in organized sports competitions.”


2. AMATEUR: a. A student who represents a school in an interscholastic sport shall be an amateur in that sport. An amateur is one who engages in athletic competition solely for the pleasure of the activity and for the physical, mental, and social benefits derived from participation. When competing in nonNYSPHSAA sponsored events, an athlete forfeits amateur status in a sport by: 1. Competing for money or other compensation (allowable entry fees, travel, meals, and lodging expenses may be accepted.) 2. Receiving an award or prize of monetary value which has not been approved by this Association. NOTE: Only awards or prizes having a monetary value of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) or less per competition will be approved by the Association. When honoring student-athletes for success in NYSPHSAA sponsored championship events, Boards of Education are encouraged to approve limited awards that are appropriate to high school level competition. 3. Capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money or gifts of monetary value (scholarships to institutes of higher learning are specifically exempted). 4. Signing a professional playing contract in that sport. b. Instructing, supervising, or officiating in any organized youth sports program, recreation, playground, or camp activities will not jeopardize amateur standing. Receiving compensation for officiating shall not affect amateur standing. c. A student who violates the above rule may apply to the league or to the designated body within that section for reinstatement one year from the date of the latest violation. Reporting Procedure: All violations shall be reported to the League and Section.


Race Day Financials

Pending deposits:
$1,050.00 Undistributed /returned prize money
$ 700.00 (70 t-shirts sold)
$1,298.03 Registration proceeds after misc. cash expenses paid
$ 450.00 Seed money re-deposit

$26.07 Misc. expenses for ice, cups, poster paper paid from registration box
$20.00 T-shirt money due
*Two shirts not accounted for
Sold half of the 144 t-shirts; have 8 adult small left, 21 ladies cut mostly small and large, and 41 youth shirts (only sold 14 kids shirts this year!)