La Chute Road Runners Meeting

6/19/18 Library, 7:00

Members present:  Tracy Smith, Brian Kiely, Matt Karkoski, Fred Herbst, Nancy Ockrin, Jim and Linda Cunningham

NCCC 5K - North Country Community College Race Kim Ireland, Dean of Student Life is planning a race on 9/29/18 in conjunction with Healthy Living Fair. She has been in contact with RaceWire and may call on the club for advise.  Seems well organized.

Bridge Run Re-cap - The idea of starting Walkers and Strollers early was rejected- there will be one start, one set of awards.

- The course will remain as it is - with a plan B in case there is lots of wet ground 

- Race will remain on Sat. Morning not Fri. Evening. Montcalm Mile

- Tracy will contact Jay Hebert (Paradox camp) and Rikki Galusha (Camp Adirondack) to see about bringing buses of kids. The Camps must collect money first, and pre-register kids. -Wicker Ford is all set.  We will see the Town about getting power off the poles. - We need to be sure workers get to the Start and Finish earlier.  At the Finish, materials can be left in a vehicle until   workers arrive.

-Plastic needs to be removed from the medals before race day.

-Matt will make a Message Board to be displayed at the Start by Registration where it is clearly visible: Flags, Strollers, small children, dogs, must start at the rear A police siren will start the race Only Elite runners will be eligible for prizes Elite runners will start at the front

- Heidi has ordered t-shirts - 144 or different sizes

- We need to contact the police to close off St Clair St. and Wayne street - blockade the opening or have a man there.

- We need a money box and change at both the start and finish - Jim will send out an e-mail to all members to ask for volunteers.

- Food for the finish will be bought

- Matt and Fred will buy cookies at Walmart.

-We have enough water jugs - need cups.  Brian will bring container for the start

- Jim will e-mail the participants from last year and push pre-registration - much cheaper!!!!