La Chute Road Runners Meeting

June 12, 2017 7:00

- Black Watch Library Members present: Tim Maloney, Tracy Smith, Brian Kelly, Dave Rutkowski, Jim and Linda Cunningham

(We need to check boxes from the Bridge Run for Brian’s stopwatch)

Tracy reported on the Montcalm Mile. The donations are coming in well. 1000 medals have been ordered - Tracy will get a check from Matt. We will look into getting barrels (stanchions) for the finish line. We will also look into getting a banner for across the street -( like the Americade banner).

Tracy will check with Bangma signs. It will advertise the Montcalm Mile and LaChute Road Runners. Heidi has ordered 50 t-shirts which will be sold at the food tent. Maybe we should have a new logo - will see if Hannah Herbst will be around. Bibs have been ordered and will arrive on June 23rd. The advertisements for the race have been running.

The status of Wicker Ford is still unsure. Brian will bring the flags for the finish and give them to Dave. Jim needs to get the Town third party proof of insurance. There will be snow fences at the finish to help with crowd control.

We need pens for registration, and sharpies for marking on the bibs. Maybe need pins? We will have a meeting on June 27th - a week before the Montcalm mile to finalize plans.

The Bridge Run was reviewed. It was very popular with the runners. Everyone seemed to like the setting and the course. The feed-back was very favorable and everything went very smoothly. It was a great race.

A few suggestions were made: A time limit will be set so that there is a definite time for taking down the markers.

Maybe there should be another age group for kids. There were many kids so maybe the age groups should be 0-8(or 10), 9 (or 11)- 15, 16-19. Maybe we can give a medal or ribbon to all the kids and not just the top 3. We ran out of Registration forms - there need to be more next year.

We need a financial report for the race. - Maybe Nancy can be at the next meeting or send the information.

Next meeting - June 27th - 7:00- Black Watch Library.