LaChute Road Runners


Meeting June 27, 2017

Library - 7:00

Members present: Tim Tracy, Fred, Dave, Brian, Mike, Matt, Jim, Linda.

Tracy reported on the status of the Montcalm Mile:

Medals are in.

Bibs are in.

There are presently 30 on-line registrations, most will come this week. Pete Reale has barrels; Tracy will pick them up; will need 20-25, 4 of them will be left at the start. Brian has a rope; there is yellow rope at various other locations. Wicker Ford is OK with the race start in front of the building.

Tracy will check with police on stopping traffic.

Porta-potties -Tracy will see Debbie Barber or Matt Courtright. It would be nice if kids did not have to cross the road.

Dave has marked the course.

Pepsi has donated 10 cases of water, we will have a recycle bin for bottles, Matt will bring a jug of water to the start with paper cups.

Tracy has donations. Fred will get a note in the paper thanking sponsors.

Tracy has snow fencing from the town; Matt has a tent, sawhorses, and plywood for food at the finish.

The Start will need tables - Jim has 3 card tables, Tracy has a long one for the start.

On-Line Registration ends Sunday.

Tracy will get with Jim and Linda to do pre-registered bibs; Numbers 1-50 will be for Racing Class.

Matt and Tracy will hold rope separating Racing and Recreational runners.

Tracy will ask Shelly and Stan if they will do the food table and t-shirts.

Matt suggested putting cash in the Prize envelopes; Jim will get the cash on Friday - also for the cash box.

Matt will bring a music system if it doesn’t rain; he will set up his video camera also.