La Chute Road Runners Meeting

Tues. July 18, 2017

Library,  7:00 pm


Members Present:  Tim, Brian, Tracy, Matt, Fred, Dave, Jim, Linda


The main agenda was a recap of the Montcalm Mile.  The race went extremely well this year; there were many compliments from people at the race and e-mails afterwards.  There were 439 registered runners, and 430 finished the race.  There were 37-40 elite runners.  86 people registered on-line which was about half of last years number.


Tracy has compiled donations, and is totaling expenses.  The t-shirts sold very well .  Matt has deposited the money from the registrations and the prize money that was donated back.  Tracy will do a spreadsheet showing finances.


We need more singles for the registration - maybe $500, also money for t-shirts

Thank you letters are going out to all those who made donations and helped at the race - police, etc. 


One issue discussed was pricing for next year.  We need to make on-line registration more attractive, and we also want to keep the race inexpensive for families and locals.  We will have another meeting in the fall and make a decision by December.


We will also have a discussion about the prize categories. We will return to calling this class “Elite." There was confusion with the terms “Recreational” and “Racing.”


We need to have more registration forms for next year.  Matt said if we get him the paper, he can see that they are run off.  We will not put the year on the forms, nor the RaceWire URL, since it changes from year to year. RaceWire requested a space for e-mails.


There needs to be a clearly defined gap between the elite runners and the recreational. Flag bearers and baby carriages need to be in the back


Runners cannot hear Brian - maybe better megaphone, or speak from the side instead of the front.


We have enough medals for next year. We need someone at the finish line earlier in the morning to keep an eye on the medals and food.  Also, we need to remove plastic covers from the individual medals before the race


We need more t-shirts next year - Hannah will work on a logo for us.


We need to communicate with the police and fire police about better control of the traffic- cars are coming out of side streets particularly from the Monument to the start.


Road markings need to be much larger so they are visible.


RaceWire -  It would be easier for them if we could get more people to register on-line.  There was a bit of a hold-up on the results as they were still entering data and made some mistakes.  It would help if they had another person at the start to enter data.  They should have a way of disaggregating elite and recreational, with separate files and printouts for each.  



On a separate order of business, Tim has had a request from a student to attend a running camp over the summer.  The coach has not gotten the forms to us.  The student has been instructed to download the form and drop it off at Tim’s house.  Everyone was in favor of paying for the camp.