LaChute Road Runners Meeting

Tues. Oct. 24, 2017 Library

Members present: Tim, Matt, Brian, Fred, Jim and Linda

Ragnar sent the club a check for $800 and a Thank You note for manning the exchange during the Ragnar Relay. It was a very popular exchange.

Tim asked Fred about the Thank-You notes pertainingto the Montcalm Mile; Fred is just waiting for a list from Tracy.

The Rogers Rangers Ramble Run is set for the Sat. after Thanksgiving - Nov. 25th at 10:30 at the Lower Falls. Tim said it would be nice to have t-shirts maybe about 25 for club members. Fred will check with Hannah to see if she has time to design a shirt. Jim is to check with the Chamber to be sure it is listed on their Calendar. Tim will create a Facebook page for advertisement. Tracy will need to get guys in with chain saws to clean out the trail. Linda will check with Libby’s to see about lunch afterwards- at about noon, for 15 to 30 people - ( soup /sandwich/ quiche whatever is simple). Jim will print a waiver page for signatures - with a place to print name, signature, and e-mail. He will also print renewal forms for membership.

Jim will be in charge of the Resolution Run and will tell the Chamber so it gets on the Calendar of Events. It will be at 11:00 on Jan. 1st. Runners/walkers will bring a donation to the food bank or $2.00. Jim will create an event page and create postings on Facebook.

Matt went through the running stuff in his garage and organized it - all the Montcalm Mile stuff has gone to Tracy.

We need a date from Nancy for the Bridge Run.

We will have another meeting this fall to discuss the Montcalm Mile - Racing will get changed back to Elite; and a decision needs to be made about the fees for on-line registration.

An additional race has been proposed. It will be a trail run and the course will be on the Bull Rock Road. The race will be held at the end of August.

The School System is arranging to have the Track lighted from 6-9 every evening (M-F) for walkers and runners. This will continue as long as the weather is permitting.