Montcalm Mile 2017 Review Sorted


Start:-avoid singles for day of registration - prices 5, 10 , 15, 20 etc.

-we need a big increase in registration forms. Once price is set..go to a printer and we get 1000. Don't put year just 7/4...

-1$ not a problem. We should just have had more on hand to start least $500

-Start registration was great until crunch time.. This will not change.. Just need  more registers the last 20 minutes...I hit the line asking for exact and that cleared the queue.

- maybe two lines - two people taking money, two people registering; one person for elite was good; pre-registration table was good

-need to “man” the start and finish earlier. People arrived to register at 10:45. Finish material was left off at 10:00, including the medals

-Feedback - no one beyond first row can hear megaphone.

-need a way to separate elite from others - preferably poles with pace to separate rest 5 minutes, 6 minutes, so on.

-Need 2 or 3 folks on bikes in front of police car to make sure route is clear and stop and deal with issues as needed.

-I always try and run 3 minutes before start to get to monument to clear sharp corner of people in way. This year I encountered a truck on the course past St. Claire that would have driven right into the racers if I was not there to stop him and make him move behind barrier on St. Claire - would have ruined the race for elites for sure if I was not out in front to deal with it.

-People were confused between racing and recreation. Those I caught were all checking race until I described the difference.  We need to go back to elite and Rec.

- flag wavers and baby carriages need to be in the back



-Finish was smooth.

-Will ask Pepsi to up the donation. I asked for 20 they gave 10. We needed 20.

-Just a thought...Getting plastic off medals prior to race day or have volunteers show up even earlier to do this.

-I have seen at Doc Lopez how they have a wooden stand with arms to hold medals that would be easy to grab when volunteers need more to pass out. We did have some human holders for when we needed more that was great too.

-Stop the incessant herding of runners at the finish. They all know what to do.



-retro: “LaChute Road Runner's meeting  --  June 26. 2014:  Next year- We will have to make "on-line" registration cheaper than "day-of" registration.  Some people are waiting to register because it is less expensive.”

-possibility, make online rec $5

-Recreational division $10 (race day $12); Child (12 and under) $5 (same race day); $18 Racing division ($20 race day)

-online fees: Elite $18.00; Recreational $10.00; Child (12 and under) $5.00

-consider only keeping only “open” monetary awards and increase to 5 places m/f

-consider adding a senior class, 60 and up

-Online.. It just isn't our customer for this event.



-RaceWire very obliging with much race day sign up

-340 signed up on race day, some errors typing in, all caps-doesn’t help with output.

-too rushed for RW: some names missing from results, errors on Excel file, rushed

-There is no Racing separate listing.

-results in 5 year age groups

-Since RaceWire was asking for emails should we put a place on the form for email?



-From Tracy: get numbers a month or 2 earlier, download registration file regularly, and ascribe numbers, cut off pre-reg the evening before.

-Road markings.. We need to stencil  the road every quarter mile. 3' wide

-Always thankful for all the work and time that goes in behind the scene.  Great job as always!  

-need to remove the link to the race on the PDF since it changes, or just race

-food - need someone at finish early to receive food.  Kids like the food, need more for next year

-plan for 500