LaChute Road Runners Club Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 11/15/16

Members present: Jim Cunningham, Linda Cunningham, David Rutkowski, Nancy Ockrin, Tim Malaney, Matthew Karkoski, Tracey Smith, Brian Kiley, and Adelaide Smallidge


Financial Review:

Matthew Karkoski and Tim Malaney presented the current bank statement for the club. They discussed the scholarship fund, and the scholarship recipients (Lillith Ida and Kody Parrott) who will be rewarded their scholarships in January.

The club received their compensation from Ragnar for monitoring the station near Riteaid. The event went very well. Next year, the event manager should be around when they set up the chute because the Ragnar representatives will set it up their standard way otherwise.


2017 schedule:

Resolution Run-

Adelaide Smallidge will tentatively be co-directing the Resolution Run on 1/1/17 near the Bicentennial Park. The scholarship recipients will either receive their scholarships at this event or at the Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run.


David Rutkowski will hosting his annual Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard run on 1/7/17 at 9:30 am, with a potluck brunch to follow. The course has various distances, anywhere from 1 mile to 10.3 miles.

Tentative Club Run-

David Rutkowski presented an idea for an April FoolÕs Day run in 2017, inspired by the local Missfit womenÕs running club (many of whom are LaChute Road Runners Club members). It would be an all womenÕs race, potentially on Letsonville Rd. Only club members can participate due to insurance policies; however, membership application forms will be available the day of the event. The run itself will be free.

Bridge Run-

Nancy Ockrin is organizing her annual Bridge Run on 5/20/17 at 10 am. She will be working with Racewire again, and will be attempting to send out reminder emails to past participants with information about the race. It will be the same course as 2016.

Montcalm Mile-

Tracey Smith will be the race director for the Montcalm Mile this year, on 7/4/17, a Tuesday. The club will be using Racewire for this event, as well as the Bridge Run. In addition, the chip timer will be used, and Racewire is looking into providing wider mats for the start and finish lines.

The prizes and entry fees will be the same as 2016, and the price adjustment to encourage earlier online registration will still be in place. Online registration will be closing a little earlier this year, to make sure that Racewire and the club volunteers have time to organize the correct number of bibs and t-shirts.

As agreed on at the last club meeting, the ÒeliteÓ category will be changed to a ÒracerÓ category, to encourage more runners to sign up to win the prizes. Also, the application for the event will be posted online in December/January.

RRRR 2017-

Tim Malaney is looking into the golf course and its remodeling, and whether or not construction will be completed in time for the race in 2017.


Spaghetti Dinner:

Like last year, the club is considering a Spaghetti dinner benefitting the indoor track team, which will be free for members of the team. Friends, family and local runners are all welcome to come support the runners.


Membership renewals:

There will be membership applications available at the RogerÕs RangerÕs Ranger Run and at the Resolution Run.


RRRR 11/26/16:

This event will be held in 9 days at 10:30 am.


The run will not be held on the usual trail at the golf course, due to construction. The map is available online ( The course is approximately 3.3 miles, and will start and finish in Bicentennial Park. The race itself is free. Non-club members must pay a fee for the lunch afterwards. Please note that club membership is only $5, and that applications will be available that day.


Lunch will be held at a local business, to be determined.


New Business

The club will be renewing its membership with the chamber of commerce for 2017.

The next meeting will be held immediately after RRRR (11/26/17). In addition, there is a tentative meeting on 12/13/16 at 7 pm.


Amendment: The minutes weren’t clear relating to the club run tentatively scheduled for April 1 st , 2017. Any woman who desires to run with the Miss Fits that day who isn’t currently a member of LCRRC can participate after signing the insurance disclosure form. There is no entry fee or awards. In addition, the proceeds from the Spaghetti Dinner will and can be used by the LCRRC, because the club supports the local high school running teams with our funds.