LaChute Road Runners Club Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 12/13/16

Members present: Jim Cunningham, Linda Cunningham, David Rutkowski, Tim Malaney, Matthew Karkoski, Fred Herbst, Brian Kiley, and Adelaide Smallidge

Club members present discussed membership renewals, and updating the old rosters with current members for the email list. They also covered the 2017 application to the Road Runners Club of America, and discussed a potential Miss Fits club run under the LCRRC umbrella.

Next, Tim Malaney presented the result from the RogersŐ Rangers Ramble Run, and it was a success. BodetteŐs Barbeque was an excellent location after the race.

Adelaide Smallidge started to organize the Resolution Run for January 1st , but she will not be present the day of the race. Fred Herbst offered to stand in, but there may be schedule conflicts. The club is looking for someone to continue to assist organizing the event, but the members present were open to postponing the run.

The short financial review was the same as the review at the November meeting.

Finally, they talked about the Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run. This will be held at 9:30 am on 1/7/17 at RutŐs Hut (253 Corduroy Rd). The course itself is adjustable (anywhere from 1 to 10.3 miles). There will be a pot luck after the run, and (tentatively) a meeting to follow. The run is open to club members (please note that applications will be available there at the event).