LaChute Road Runners Club Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 7/26/16

Members present: Nancy Ockrin, Tim Malaney, Fred Herbst, Matt Karkoski, Tracey Smith, David Rutkowski, Jim Cunningham, Linda Cunningham, and Adelaide Smallidge

The club members present started the meeting by discussing renewing the Chamber of Commerce membership, before they moved on to talking about the Duane Crammond scholarship. They plan to review the application for the scholarship to see if making the application more inclusive for middle school students interested in running camps as well as high school students from surrounding towns looking into the scholarship would be plausible. Matt Karkoski briefly updated the club members present about the current financial status.

Bridge Run Recap

The Crown Point Backpack Program was very grateful for the donation the LCRRC made from the Bridge Run. Nancy Ockrin plans to import past racers’ emails from Racewire to remind them (with the online application attached) about the race this coming year. She will also be looking into advertising the race to more Vermont runners next year.

There was one person this year who voiced a concern at the race that there was no option to list an emergency contact on the application, and David Rutkowski suggested instead that volunteers at the race would just instruct the runners to write the information on the back of the bib. Also, there were some people who suggested we change the starting point, possibly to the middle of the bridge.

In terms of ideas to make the event run more smoothly next year, Nancy Ockrin plans to present the giveaway prizes before the rewards. They will also be adding an 80+ age category to the application and awards presentation. Next year, the date for the Bridge Run will be 5/20/17.

Montcalm Mile Recap

Racewire was an excellent program again this year, and even though the finish line was stressful, the glitches were figured out quickly. RaceWire promised next year they will have new and updated starting and finishing mats. The race organizers plan to look into the benefits of having an antenna mat at the start line and no antenna at the finish line.

Tracey Smith is planning to have the online registration close earlier next year, to make sure the organizers get the bibs and numbers before race day. The number of race participants was still fantastic, even though the race day was a Monday, and not on a weekend. One thing that the club members present wanted to make sure to change next year was making sure RaceWire was ready before starting the race, and to have them coordinate the start themselves. They had an air horn and could have stated the race.

The club will try to insure there is more space between the elite runners and the recreational runners at the start line. There was also some discussion about separating the children in a separate lane for safety, but this was deemed implausible. Also, the categories for female elite runners were mostly empty. The club plans to change the categories to “racer” and “recreational” runners to encourage more people to participate in this category. The distinction will also be clearer on the race application form.

The finish line set-up will be constructed differently to make the actual finish line more obvious, and to channel people away from once they have finished the race. The race organizer also plans to separate the tables for the t-shirts, food, and results tables to make sure there aren’t people crowding the RaceWire representatives’ table. The club members present discussed using the money from the Ragnar event (11/25-26/16) to buy stations for the Montcalm Mile.

There were some medals left over from this year’s race, but the club will need to order more before next year. (Side note: the club plans to donate approximate 50 medals to Natalie Royer-Loiselle for a run she’s organizing to benefit the Ambulance Department Run in Minerva, NY.)

In other news, the club organizers plan to have another spaghetti dinner this fall in November and invite the neighboring schools’ running team in order to advertise the scholarship. Also, the annual Rogers’ Rangers’ Ramble Run is tentatively scheduled for 11/12/16.

Finally, the LaChute Road Runners Club is very thankful that the K&S meat market near the starting line of the race and Aubuchons at the finish line of the race for all their extra help.

The next meeting date was not determined.